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We appreciate the trust you have shown to us when you visit to our site. Here we are providing privacy policy that we have written to let users know some important things about our site

The Hindusthan Publicity promises to keep your identity intact. It will not reveal to any third party. The personal information you share with us will only keep as a data and use to keep you informed about our services and schemes through newsletters on your email ID.

At times, we use in-page analytics tools like Clicktale or mouseflow which help us to know the user's behaviour when they visit our site. It is our personal assessment to understand activities of users. Again, this data is not personally identifiable since we give our users complete freedom to browse the site.

Those who wish to connect with us through subscribing newsletters, can feel free to provide just email address. We want to ensure these users that the email Id is not used for other purpose. We cannot even sell your personal data to any company and individual.

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We have the right to change information of our site without any notice.

These are valuable information of which visitors should be familiar. To know more on the topic, feel free to contact us

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Every moment is charming, let's feel and shape it, put some extra meaning

There are two things to Love, Poetry and slightly You.

There is beginning of every end .

Life is combination of Dr Cr

Value of time, determine the span of living.

Blessed by getting You

Time change, but values are eternal.

Sketch can express the outer meaning of life

"Perfection and strategy can be define from a small job also"

Every dark could has a silver lining