• Metro Train Branding in Kolkata

    for Digital and Non-Digital Out of Home Advertising

  • Metro Train Branding in Kolkata

    for Digital and Non-Digital Out of Home Advertising

“Create Awareness of Your Brand in Kolkata with Metro Train Branding”

A quick, powerful and effective way to tell people about your brand!

The hustle bustle city Kolkata finds Metro service highly convenient to commute from one corner to another of the city.Every day, the metro of Kolkata provides fast transport service to thousands of people. According to railway data more than 6,50,000 passenger avail metro every day . It is a place where different categories of people travel . So targeting metro for advertising is all about creating quick brand awareness. The active environment of the metro makes your advertising highly influential.

Metro Train Branding in Kolkata

Our Strategies for Metro Train Advertising in Kolkata

We have successfully made our approach to the Kolkata Metro Authority for brand promotion. Many local, national and international brands have been benefited with the advertising from us. Here our strategies work in primarily 3 ways:

Banner Display

Banner size, display techniques and areas to display, all are decided by clients. We strictly maintain the rules and regulations of the metro department for advertising and guide our clients according to this. Both internal and external body of a metro train can convert into a banner. Clients have flexibility to choose their display style. They can select adverting in the interior body only or both. Moreover, banners can be displayed in the metro stations of Kolkata.

Metro Routes

Here our aim is to make your branding well focused. Choose the metro routes where you want outdoor marketing. Our metro railway branding in Kolkata targets your choice metro routes for outdoor promotion.

Service Duration

The out-of-home advertising is available for different time durations. Decide your own service period.

Here we aim to offer 100% customized metro railway advertising in Kolkata.


So, get yourself ready for the outdoor advertising to give a special recognition to your brand in Kolkata and win faith of consumers.

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