• Tram Branding Kolkata

    for Digital and Non-Digital Out of Home Advertising

  • Tram Branding Kolkata

    for Digital and Non-Digital Out of Home Advertising

  • Tram Branding Kolkata

    for Digital and Non-Digital Out of Home Advertising

"A unique, sophisticated and heritage medium of local outdoor advertising"

Here comes the opportunity of tram branding in Kolkata. The tram service is the oldest electric tram in Asia, running since 1902.Kolkata is the only city in India where this comfortable transport medium has been serving for decades. Today, there are 230 trams out of which 190 are active, connecting more than 25 major areas of Kolkata.

Tram Branding in Kolkata, India

Considering tram for out-of-home advertising is an excellent idea. Your local advertising will be more focused and successful because:


It offer the opportunity to advertise your services to targeted areas
Tram is generally pass from the middle of the road thus its able to attract all types of people
As its very slow moving vehicles ,your advertisement
Flexible marketing opportunity
Affordable advertising

At Hindusthan Publicity, all the above mentioned qualities are dominantly followed…

We are serving the unique tram advertising in Kolkata for years. We are capable to advertise your services to the areas where the tram service is provided such as Belgachhia, Rajabazar, Park Circus, Kalighat and other most catchment area in kolkata.

Market opportunity is flexible at Hindusthan Publicity. We offer tram promotion in Kolkata for the time you wish. Affordable marketing opportunity is provided by offering customized tram outdoor advertisingservice.

If you are really interested in getting tram advertising, feel free to get in touch with us.You can call us at 033-60506060  for a quote. Clear your all doubts related to the marketing.Samples to display banners in tram are ready. We send you quote with the samples. After your approvable tram branding in Calcutta will start from the given date. We strictly follow deadline. Positives signs of the marketing can be noticed soon.



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