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    Decades back when we start dreaming our mind was just like a blank canvas. Year passes and our canvas get enrich with colors. We always believe , the struggle we had made on yesterday is our today’s strength and sky for tomorrow . Now days Hindusthan Publicity is a reputed outdoor advertising agency in Kolkata, India, offering wide ranges of OOH Advertising including Bus Back, AC & Non AC Bus Branding , CAB , Tram & Railways , Street Furniture and other BTL activities like shop branding , Rural Market specific campaign
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We Serve

We have been serving top quality out-of-home advertising in not only Kolkata but also Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and North East for many years… Our branches are operated by the head office in Kolkata.


We Serve

Our client list is long and day by day it is escalating. We serve the transit media service to big, small and budget businesses. Manufacturing units, IT companies, retailers and any kind of local and international service providers can feel free to contact us. Each client is handled with care and respect by us. Maintaining 100% client satisfaction is our GOAL.

Here at the Hindusthan Publicity, we walk with the changing and innovative trend of outdoor advertising. Both traditional and modern OOH (out-of-home) advertising mediums are provided:

    Bus Back Panel
    Bus Branding on AC & Non AC Buses
    Tram Branding
    Cab Branding
    Metro Railway Branding
    Bridge panel & pillar
    Govt. Non Ac bus branding

    Other BTL Activity viz Inshop branding , Customize Rural Activity
    Hindusthan Publicity aims to make your marketing in Kolkata and nearby cities successful.





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