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Bus Advertising in Guwahati

Hindusthan Publicity, A Highly Professional & Experienced OOH Company in Guwahati, Assam”


Bus Advertising in Guwahati

Welcome to Hindusthan Publicity! We are one of the most prominent advertising agencies in Assam. Our bus branding solutions are categorised in three categories-

  • Full Bus Branding
  • Volvo Bus Branding
  • Bus Back Panel Branding

These services are offered keeping in mind your budget, urgency, goals and requirements.

Why Choose Bus Branding in Guwahati?


The question is surely arising in your mind. Buses are a prime source of commuting in the capital city of Assam. They connect all major areas of the state to Guwahati. With bus advertising, we make your marketing to Assam well focused and result oriented. In other way, we advertise to those areas in Assam where you want to focus on. Thus, we will manage to make your brand promotion successful in Guwahati.

Our Flexible Bus Advertising Plans

As you have mentioned above that we categorize our bus ads into 3 categories, so you are free to choose any of these advertising techniques.

Full Bus Branding

The bus is utilizes as a movable hording that will advertise your brand hugely. It targets to walkers, drivers as well as the passengers of the bus because the whole bus body (both exterior and interior) will be converted into a banner to provide maximum exposure. The type of marketing creates quick brand awareness.

Volvo Bus Branding in Guwahati

This is one of our most demanding services in the capital city of Assam. Luxurious Volvo buses are converted into a highly attractive banner. It creates brand awareness in a broad manner because special routes are targeted like Guwahati to Dishpur, Guwahati to Noonmati etc…

Bus Back Panel Marketing

This is an affordable yet impactful OOH marketing approach. The rear body of the bus displays advertising. It keeps your brand noticeable to walkers and drivers.

Who can Contact us?

Our bus branding service in Guwahati is for all who desperately needs a fully focused and dedicated out-of-home marketing solution. National brands, local companies and all small to large service providers can contact us.

Why Choose Us?

  • A trusted name in bus branding
  • Dedicated to provide services on time, no matter how big the project is
  • Quick brand promotion through effective full bus branding in Guwahati
  • Affordable bus back panel marketing
  • Ready to provide bus branding to special routes of Guwahati to find desirable results
  • Customized your marketing plan that suites to your needs and budget

To learn more about our service, contact us………..

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