• Inshop Branding in Patna

    for Digital and Non-Digital Out of Home Advertising

A Rising Trend of Promoting Brands

The concept of malls and big shopping hubs is on the rise in the capital city of Patna these days. The city has shopping hubs in almost every corner. Hindusthan Publicity will utilize these shopping hubs for marketing of your brand through in-shop branding. It has mission to make your brand visible to your targeted audiences.

Inshop Branding in Patna

What is In-Shop Branding?

It is all about promoting a brand through shops and malls. In this marketing, shops are targeted to display brands. We all know that consumers are always curious to know about products and brands when they are in mood of shopping. Keeping the view in mind, the in-shop branding is providing by OOH companies.

Why in-shop Branding with Hindusthan Publicity?

  • A Leading OOH Company in Bihar, Patna

We are a leading out of home advertising company in India. We have a large network of OOH branding solution, covering West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Odisha and Bihar. We embarked our journey as an OOH company from Kolkata. Dedication, commitment and knowledge in the field of OOH have turned us a leading OOH agency in India.

  • Our Experience & Success Rate

We have a huge experience in promoting brands through shops. W e lead a team of highly experienced graphic designers, banner designers and skilled marketing managers. They create effective strategies and set a marketing goal to promote a brand. We have a number of local, national and international clients who are satisfied with our work.

  • Flexible Plans

Our in-shop branding in Patna is highly flexible. The flexibility allows us to create a customized plan for clients so that you can choose the plan that fits to your needs well. For example- design the banner as per your imagination and continue your promotion till the time you want.

  • All Our Clients are Important

No matter what is the budget of your project, how long you want the service and how big your company is, we give equal value to every project. Each client of us is important. We listen to them, follow their views and ready to offer the best service.

Who can Contact Us?

We invite everyone who wants to promote their services or products. Manufacturers, service providers, healthcare, hospitality and local businesses can feel free to contact us….

How do we promote your brand through in-shop branding in Patna?

We use all possible innovative tools of in-shop branding!

  • 3D wall visuals- creating impact with 3D cutouts
  • Cutout standees- innovative double side standee to grab attention
  • Floor graphics- cover the floor to get attention of walkers
  • Banners- multiple size banners can be selected for promotion

There are lots more on offer! Call us to inquiry about in-shop branding in Patna.

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