3 Different OOH Marketing Ideas to Grab

Date: 02/05/17

Out of home advertising is no more a traditional form of advertising. It has been listed in a top advertising sources and giving tough competition to marketing through online and television. The reason for its popularity is that OOH is now a highly innovative brand promotion technique that involves creativity and modernity. There are endless ideas available to grab but for time sake, the article is highlighting some very popular OOH marketing trends.

3D Billboards
You may have seen posters and banners featuring high quality printing. Now, the time has come up to use 3D billboards. This is an effective and impactful poster that gets attention of passers-by effortlessly. The interesting part about the poster is that people like to talk about it and like to click pictures to share. So, the type of billboard offers quick branding approach. It is an innovative form of hoarding that has modern touch and a great sense of creativity.

Bus Advertising
When it comes to OOH marketing, the revolutionary development is seen in form of using buses to advertise one’s services. Local, Volvo and semi-Deluxe buses are targeted by turning them into a movable banner. Clients can customize their bus advertising in the way that fits to their budget and make the OOH marketing successful. A bus can be chosen for full bus branding, partial bus branding or just back panel branding. It is totally depended on users how they want to advertise their services. The package for bus panel advertising is the cheapest one and is liked by multiple small scale budget companies.

In-Shop Branding
You have seen hoardings in the highways, markets and posters in city’s corners. With the advent of shopping malls and big shopping hubs, OOH has come up with the concept of in-shop branding. Malls and big shopping stores are targeted by the OOH agencies to advertise through banners and posters. According to a survey, it has been found that when people are in the mood of shopping, they pay attention to banners and posters in the wake to try something new. This is why the concept of in-shop branding is working in many places.

OOH advertising agencies in Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Patna and many metro cities of India are welcoming the concept of in-shop branding. They are offering different in-shop branding packages to make OOH successful.