5 Different Types of Effective OOH Advertising for Small Businesses

Date: 05/04/19

Small businesses have always a tough time to deal with their competitors. They are strict to their budget and unable to get high-end advertising sources. Considering the fact, out of home advertising are offering many budget advertising solutions. Out of which many of them are successful.

Bus Panel Advertising

Did you know one of the most effective OOH advertisements is the bus back panel advertising? It gives excellent results after some time and it is affordable also. In this advertising, the rear exterior body of the bus is used to display banners. The banner covers a half back panel of a bus. It advertises your business on roads. Drivers and passers-by are attracted to advertising.

Display Banners on Malls

The mall culture has taken society by storm. Every big and small city has malls. The big theatre like shopping complexes invites businesses to advertise their business. You can choose the outside front part of the mall or a banner near the gate to display your advertisement. Since malls receive thousands of footfalls every day, you can able to make brand recognition.

Display Banners at Bus & Railway Platforms

If your target is middle, lower middle and upper-middle class people, bus and railway platform branding can help you to make brand recognition. These two places receive thousands of footfalls every day. Your banners can be noticed by them. You can display advertising at the front gate and inside the platform.

Display Banners at the Bus Stoppage

If you are living in a metro city like Kolkata and Delhi, you have notice advertising banners at almost every bus stop. It is one of the most effective ways to reach to your targeted clients. In the marketing, the rooftop of the stoppage and all sides are used to display advertisement. According to your budget, you can display a big or small banner.

Display LED Banners on A Specific Location of the City

LED banners are those banners that attract the attention of users quickly than normally printed banners. The inside body has LED bulbs. If your customer is from a specific area of the city, you can display LED banners on subways, platforms and entry gate of a colony.

Contact a reliable OOH advertising in your city. Select the advertiser considering its work experience, testimony and service costs. Always give priority to the work experience and history than pricing to get the best outcome.