5 Must-To-Follow Outdoor Advertising Tricks

Date: 30/06/15

Advertising locally is a big challenge. Here your target is a particular group of people living in a certain area. You want the advertising medium that should be interactive so that more and more brand awareness can spread. Out of home advertising compiles many branding techniques. It is not necessary that you pick every technique. The important thing is that pick 2 or 3 outdoor advertising mediums to make your brand promotion successful.

Cab Advertising

Cabs are a wonderful source of advertising locally. Cabs travel all across a city from highways to shrink roads. They are hired by travellers and locals. You can display your ad on the rear body of a cab or a short video can display featuring your services. Cabs are basically hired from areas like railway stations, bus stops and markets. They easily grab attention of a large group of people.

Bus Advertising

What about choosing a bus for advertising? Local buses and travel buses travelling to a certain area can be targeted here as per your preference. Take your time to know about the bus routes and select those buses where you want to feature your advertise. Now, you can consider the exterior or interior body of a bus for branding. The exterior body allows you to turn the whole bus into an adverting board. It is your moving advertising board that captures attention of a large number of passersby. It is best known as full bus branding. You can choose only a back body of the bus for affordable outdoor marketing. It attracts attention of passerby as well as people who are stuck in traffic.


Billboards are a wonderful medium to display branding. With technology advancement, billboards have also been upgraded. You can choose billboards with graphic effect and digital. These billboards display your advertisement in highways and spread your brand message to city to city if you are looking to broaden your marketing.

Metro or Local Trains

What about choosing your city metro for branding? The idea is fantastic. Target a special route metro for promotion. You can choose inside body of the metro and the exterior body. A metro can convert into your brand messenger that spreads awareness about your service.

Pick any idea that suits to your business branding much and fits well to your pocket. Talk to your outdoor branding agency. Compare prices of many outdoor agencies to choose the one that offers the best deal.