7 Mistakes to Avoid for Outdoor Advertising

Date: 23/10/16

After taking just a few steps away from home, it is easy to notice banners and posters displaying ads of different companies. But how many of them get special attention and are in mind of people. It could be hard to guess. Among hundreds and thousands of ads it is difficult to achieve a special attention for your ads or advertisements. A dash of creativity and avoiding mistakes during outdoor advertising can certainly make the advertising format standout. Below are some tips that let you know what not to do while taking OOH for advertising.
Missing of Call for Action
This is one of the most common problems notices in many billboards. They display services and brands but the “call for action” part is missing like Phone Number, URL or Email address. Providing the information prompts targeted audiences to consider your services. It helps to build trust also.
Excess Information
“Less is more” in terms of text, provide limited information that tells about your brand. Target the product for which you are advertising. Provide an effective punch line that seems easy to understand. Remember, ads are usually viewed by passers-by and drivers. They have a few seconds to give a look to your ad.
Inappropriate Text Font
It’s not about looking good only. It is about clear and readable text. Keep the size of text readable from distance. The font style should be in the way that is easily readable.
Inappropriate Colour
Make sure the colour of text and the background colour of the banner are in contrast for example, red and white, black and white, blue and yellow etc… One dark and another should be light. It enhances the visibility of the text as well as images.
Be Meaningful
Don’t put people into puzzle by using lines with hidden meanings. Keep the ad straight and simple so that everyone can understand who you are and what your services are.
Be Relevant
It is necessary that the image and the text you are going to us in the banner are relevant to your profession. Choose carefully the right image and text that describe about your service.
Don’t Pay Effort to Watch Out OOH Professionals
You are going to invest lots on your advertising. Why do you pay less effort to look for professional outdoor advertising agencies in Assam? Go for a deep search to locate a professional OOH agency