Bus Advertising is the Best Way Advertise – What’s Your View?

Date: 06/07/16

Advertising or Marketing are important factors to make your brand popular or provide knowledge about the services. Advertisements are of various types for different fields. Advertising helps the brand in gaining popularity in local media as well as in an international Market. One of the famous advertising approaches is Bus Advertising or outdoor Ads which is also a smart way to market your product. The Advertisement companies have changed the market by providing the modified technology of advertising and in providing the best marketing solution.

Why Bus Advertising is the better than online promotion:

We know, India is becoming the digital India and everybody is participating and are active on social networking sites for socializing, promoting brands, gaining knowledge and sharing news but we should not forget about our population which is increasing day by day and thereby increasing the traffic on road. So, grab this chance to promote your brand in buses in which more than 80% of population travels and from all, every people read the advertisement which is written in buses.

In an online promotion, we can promote the brand to some limited friends but In Bus Advertising, it is not limited to the friends and specific chunk of people but it will be read by every person travelling on road. Moreover, these buses cross various destinations of the particular region such as if there is a Bus advertising in Odisha, then the bus covers most of the regions of Odisha like Cuttack, Puri, Gopalpur etc. and the advertisement will be passed to lot of the readers.

For Online, you have to be always active to promote it. Sometimes you need to post images and sometimes offers,but in the bus advertising you need not to be active but just have to publish the advertisement through advertisement company once and they will work accordingly to improve the visibility of your ads and generate the leads towards your services.

In an Online Promotion, one needs internet connectivity or system but outdoor ads gives possibility to promote your brands to every corner of the city where you want without any need of internet connection.

Bus Advertising Benefits
• Advertising is beneficial only when it reaches to everyone. So, Advertising in buses is the best option to reach to people of all ages, class and backgrounds.
• Bus advertising neither be turned off nor ignored. It will be visible to every person.
• It targets lots of audiences whether they are interested or not.
• Flexibility of location and reachability through bus.
• Your ad will be visible for the whole time to those people who spend an average time like twenty to thirty minutes in bus.
• Reach large varieties of people and covers lot of destinations such as universities, shopping malls, amusement parks and commercial areas.

Types of Bus Advertising

  1. Side-By-Side Promotion: – These are the ads which are present on side of the bus; they are large and are designed with aluminium frame.
  2. Behind a Bus Ads: -These are the ads which are placed behind a bus. It is a good way of advertisement as it is read by everyone who is approaching or behind the bus or in some cases when someone is stuck in jam.
  3. Interior Ads: -These are the ads which are placed behind the driver’s seat but it can be seen only by the passengers.

Bus Advertising is a moving message which can be conveyed to local customers and people in a modest and simple way. These outdoor advertisements are becoming popular from last decades which are difficult to skip and are pleasant to look at.