Bus Bench Advertising Mistakes to Fix

Date: 01/06/17

OOH is the marketing that offers budget advertising to the range you have never expected before. There are two popular budget advertising sources under OOH include bus bench and bus back panel advertising. The idea of bus bench marketing has been in trend for years. For some the advertising has been proved a big success and for some it is literally vain. Why does the OOH fail to create magic? For this you will need to go through the bus bench mistakes.

Bad Locations
Your choice of locations might not be good. Bus bench ads are highly cost effective compared to other OOH forms of advertising. Still, some clients want to save more by choosing the low traffic locations. It is understandable that the OH concept doesn’t work if the location is not perfect.

Poor Placing
Choosing the right location alone cannot do wonder until your ad is displaying at the right position. Choose the position that is easily visible to both pedestrians and drivers.

Poor Design
By nature, the bus bench ads contain short and crispy messages. If you display a long message to the ad, the design will be cluttered and not so fascinating. Your bus bench ad will not work effectively. Keep the message short, concise and visually appealing.

No Geographic Target
Recognize your audiences and then jump to the marketing. If you don’t know the target areas, it is almost difficult to make the marketing remarkable. Make sure you know your audiences to target the bus stoppages for bus bench marketing.

Keep It Continue
Here you need to display your ad for a long time to find the best result. You cannot expect to get fantastic results in a short span of time. This is a huge blunder to limit the duration of your ad placement. Keep it go for a long time to target maximum number of audiences.

Misplacing All Elements in the Ad
Your bench bus advertising works as a message board. If you want to get optimum results from the marketing, don’t forget to add all elements including the product and phone number/website address.
Contact a reliable advertising agency in Guwahati to know more about its services. Always hire the service from a well experienced OOH advertising company. Give a look to the company policy and terms and conditions to find uninterrupted outdoor marketing support.