Date: 16/05/18

Out-of-home advertising is still a very popular method of advertising, and for all the right reasons. While travelling, people easily notice what is on the roadside. Every banner and billboard catches your attention. When stuck in traffic, you get ample time to have a detailed view of all the hoardings. That is why companies find it profitable in investing wisely in OOH advertising. The advertising agencies in Bihar are leading providers of the out-of-home advertisements that unfailingly call out the attention of the viewers.

The leading advertising agencies in Patna, the capital city of Bihar, seem to have figured out what works with the people. They follow all the major trends in advertising. As the modern forms of advertising are gaining currency, the agencies keep their heads above water by following multiple ways of advertising. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Hoarding:

Colourful billboards and hoardings are part of the things that make cities mesmerising and lively. Due to their sheer size, they are conspicuous in an obvious way. The creative team in these agencies bring these to life. The colour and designs make them look magical and quite easily grab everyone’s attention. The 3D hoardings and highway bulletins are some of the features worth mentioning here.

  • Bus Advertising:

Moving buses are increasingly being adopted as a source of advertisement. The advantages are innumerable. When in a standstill, it has the same effect of a hoarding, but while moving it has one over the latter. It takes the name of the brand to a wider public. From bus stop to bus stop, a lot more people come to view the same advertisement. It ensures larger publicity.

  • In Shop Branding:

If the aforementioned techniques are placing their bets on people to chance upon the ads, in shop branding seeks to capitalise on the shopping spree state of mind of a person. What better time or place to target the audience than shopping malls? The banners are likely to get more attention from a person while he/she is in the mood for shopping. That is precisely what in-shop branding does.

The advertising agencies in Bihar have different tricks up their sleeves. While zeroing in on the advertisements and what it should convey, it is also imperative to ensure that they are left in the hands of quality designers with years of experience to reflect upon. One needs to have a sound knowledge about the different marketing strategies to make a difference.