Digital Vs OOH Advertising

Date: 28/11/16

Outdoor Advertising
In this highly competitive market, brand awareness plays an integral role in the success of a company. Almost all businesses need effective planning to advertise their services, especially B2C businesses. The internet is flooded with debates over digital and OOH marketing. People want to know which is better and why. Multiple views have been provided so far. This article is based on the analysis of digital Vs OOH advertising.

Digital Advertising
The era is digital where people are attracted towards social media and television to learn about new brands. So the impact of digital marketing is higher. It is called marketing for young generation. In the last 2 decades, digital advertising has won trust of customers. It has become a quick source of marketing where internet and television are targeted to let people aware of a new brand and services. The type of marketing mostly focuses a country. In form of text, video and graphics, digital marketing provides messages to people about a brand.

Along with advantages, there are some disadvantages of digital marketing. It is tough to make the marketing area specific. Internet might help you to make the marketing city or area based but the result could not give satisfaction. It is all because a huge number of people in India are not so familiar about internet. In this context, digital marketing cannot be accessible to all corners of the world. Villages are the area where the impact of digital seems not so effective. If your target is poor people and villagers, the digital marketing will be failed here. Budget is also a big concern. Advertising through TV commercial ads is highly expensive. Apart from this marketing from the internet is not so cheap. It has process like create an online identity through a site and then go for online marketing packages. So, the first step could be expensive.

OOH Marketing
The marketing has been in practice for unknown years. The oldest form of marketing has several resources to create brand awareness- billboards, bus advertising, cab advertising, metro ads, 3D hoardings and in-shop branding. Compared to digital marketing, OOH is affordable. It provides clients enough space to choose a budget friendly package for marketing. OOH marketing is considered strong for area based advertising. From a city to a particular corner of the city can be targeted with OOH. The advertising is successful in villages and small cities of India. OOH advertising agency in Jharkhand Ranchi, Chhattisgarh and Bihar can be hired for successful OOH marketing.