Grab Advertising through Hoarding Ideas

Date: 09/04/16

Advertising through hoardings has been in practice for time immemorial. It has been in trend much before the digital marketing. When you choose advertising through hoardings, it means you have chosen OOH marketing. The advertising gives enough space to express your thoughts and ideas for a brand. Today, these types of ads seem more influencing because impact of modern technology is clearly seen in hoardings. If you are on the way to hire an OOH agency for billboard advertising, here are some outstanding ideas to grab.
Just a Few Words
Sometimes a few words are enough to express your brand and create awareness. A huge board with just a few words can work much if you are into finance and advising fields. Create a few punch lines or simple and understandable sentences to let people know about the brand. Keep the board plain so that it can expose words. Choose contrast colours like Red and white, blue and white etc… to put the focus on advertising.
Express with Images
It is always said that images are more expressive than words. So it is important to work on images. Broaden your ideas to create an image that expresses about the brand services. A creative image is more attention grabbing. If you are not full of ideas, get inspiration from hoardings of other brands. An image hoarding can be simple and creative. If you keep it more creative, it could be more attention grabbing.
Choose 3D Hoardings
You have heard a lot about 3D wallpapers, now the same idea needs to be adopted for hoardings. Search your zone OOH agency like hoardings in Puri Odisha agencies to know about their 3D billboards. Go through their portfolio to know about their work. Talk to the agency that you have found more capable in 3D hoardings. A 3D sign board can be created which attract attentions of passersby. Such advertising is expensive than simple hoardings but are result oriented. It is capable to create quick brand awareness. The billboard marketing aims to mix traditional style with modern technology.
Video Billboard Advertising
This is a modern day advertising where a big screen is set to display services of a brand. This is a creative marketing which catches attention of a large number of audiences and promise to bring quick brand awareness. The type of banner express about a brand quickly and precisely.
Now, you need to decide the type of hoarding you want for your brand.