How to Display Text on Hoardings

Date: 08/05/16

When it comes to advertise a service through hoardings, a number of ideas come in mind. The hoarding is used as a canvas board to present an advertisement in an attractive way. There are multiple things that make a hoarding eye catchy and promotional. It is the place where you have decided to display the hoarding, its size, background, images and text. In this article you learn about how to present the text in a hoarding.

There are a number of things keep in mind when you want to advertise a service through text. Analyze the business first. The product that you want to advertise is necessary to analyse. After that you can think of  suitable text to describe the service.

Remember hoardings are seen by passersby for a few seconds. Therefore, it is must to keep the text short, catchy and easy to understand. It could be a punch line or tag line that expresses your brand.

Keep the text font style simple. It should not be in complicated cursive way. You can choose Times New Roman which is clear and readable from far. The font size is depended on how far the hoarding is from viewers. Keep the font size moderate so that visitors can notice it from distance. Choose the contrast colour of the text font. If the board is of white colour, the text colour can be black, red, dark maroon, dark green etc..

If the hoarding board display only text, you can position the text in the middle of the board. If you are displaying the text with images, it can be display as a heading. There are multiple ways to present text.

Today, 3D text style is popular. It looks creative and catchy. 3D technology has made text representation more attractive. You can use only 3D text on the hoarding.

Hire a reliable hoardings in Bihar agency. It is specialized in offering wide ranges of OOH services. You can able to make your hoarding campaign successful by picking the right advertisement package. An Out of home agency offers myriads of OOH advertising packages. It can customize your package too. Talk to the agency about your budget and future advertising plan. An open discussion is necessary to let the agency know about your advertising goals. There are several creative hoarding ideas that the agency can share with you. Pick the best one or let it to the agency.