How to Plan Your OOH Advertising for Guwahati

Date: 22/07/17

Hindustan Publicity - Best Hoardings services in Guwahati
Guwahati is the largest city of Assam and North-eastern India. Advertising in the North-East part of India is considered incomplete without the ad campaign in Guwahati. It is one of the fastest growing cities and home of more than a million people. Outdoor promotion in the city needs to form a marketing

plan because various OOH marketing techniques are required to execute to make the promotion successful.

Promotion through Hoardings
Small to big sized hoardings can be considered for the ad campaign. First identify your audiences only then you can promote through hoardings. As the city is big and if you want to target the entire city, hoardings are planned to be displayed in major markets, bus stands, railway stations and near the airport. If you want to create awareness not only in the city but also the nearby places in Guwahati, choose hoarding services in highways. This is how you can make your hoarding advertising successful.

Bus Promotion
Buses are the cheapest way to travel around this city and its outside areas. If your plan is to cover the entire city, local bus services can be chosen for local advertising. Those who are looking to advertise not only in the city but also its connected cities like Tangla, Odalguri, Diphu etc…, can go for AC-bus or semi-luxury bus advertising. Target your special route through bus promotion. Every day local city buses and long distance buses of Guwahati carry a large number of passengers. The exterior and interior of the bus can be chosen for marketing.

In-Shop Branding
Guwahati has been seen lots of development in a decade. The city has many shopping hubs and malls where in-shop branding is possible. When you know your audience, it is possible to target specific shopping hubs for marketing. Shops in the city are ready to display banners. So, there is a good chance of quick recognition through in-shop branding.

Hire the Best OOH Company
If you think you can do it yourself, you are taking it wrong. OOH is not as simple as it appears. The complete marketing campaign is required to plan that can only be done OOH experts. Hire the OOH company that has profound knowledge in all types of outdoor marketing. Hoardings services in Guwahati cannot be successful until the experienced OOH Company takes up your project.

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