Is Outdoor Advertising Effective in 2016?

Date: 23/10/16

The trend of out-of-home advertising has been going on for years, in fact much before than digital marketing. Today, a vast array of advertising channels is available, among which outdoor ads play an important role in brand building and product awareness. It is reachable form of advertising for both small and large businesses. It is common to notice banners and posters all around your surroundings. From big cities to small towns, all have given a special place to outdoor advertising. So, it will be fair to predict that outdoor advertising is a very popular medium of brand awareness in 2016.
Billboards for Communication & Branding
Like TV commercials and internet marketing banners, billboards display services and let people know about the core responsibilities of a company. They are a brilliant source of communication between companies and their audiences. Brand awareness is created with billboard advertising. It displays products though images, punch lines and videos. The use of modern technology like 3D images and videos have made billboard advertising more impactful and result oriented.
70% of People Spend Quality Time Outside Their Home
According to a survey in 2008, it has been noticed that a good majority of people spend time outside their home. In this condition, spending money on outside advertising is something that should consider seriously. Today’s youth pay attention to commercial ads displaying in the highways, market areas and streets. The only condition to make your outdoor advertising standout is to add your creative sense to the promotion. It keeps people remember about your brand.
Cost Effective Marketing Format
The cost per marketing (CPM) of outdoor advertising is affordable. You can set budget. Enough flexibility is provided in terms of lowering your budget by targeting advertising to area, duration and the type of OOH you are selecting.
Branding to Specific Areas
Out of home advertising can be targeted to a specific area. It can be limited to a city or a specific part of the city. It is totally depended on you and your budget to branding through OOH. With the help of bus branding, it is possible to create brand awareness to multiple cities because it works as a movable banner.
So, there will be no hesitation to say that OOH is a powerful and effective way to advertise in 2016. For playing safe in the field, it is important to hire reputed outdoor advertising agencies in Bhubaneswar or the area you are living. Visit