Kolkata Metro Outdoor Advertising Benefits

Date: 05/06/15

Kolkata is a metropolitan city of India and the Kolkata metro is the lifeline of Kolkata. It is the first underground metro service of India, operating since 1984. It connects all major areas of the city and makes daily commute easy. According to a survey, the metro service commutes more than 6 lakh of passengers daily. It is one of the busiest metro services in India. Choosing the Kolkata metro service for outdoor advertising is an excellent idea.

Use the metro stations and the inside and outside body of metros for advertising. Turn a metro into your customized movable banner which would be an exciting and profitable deal. Here are some top benefits of choosing the Kolkata metro service for OOH advertising.
Access to Targeted Audiences

Such marketing offers to target the area that you tend to target. Kolkata metro runs on different routes. You have the chance to advertise your service in the selected routes. It means you are making awareness of your service to your targeted audiences. Residents who are using the metro service are usually light TV viewers, active and attentive to the things crossing them. It provides an easy access to reach to multiple prospective clients.

Stay Competitive

The commercial market is highly competitive. It is not easy to stay always ahead. But when you have well-focused marketing, it is possible to stay motivated and make the marketing successful. The metro service of Kolkata gives the opportunity to connect with all sorts of people including professionals and travellers. It gives a huge platform of brand awareness that no such other local advertising medium can give in the metropolitan city.

Customized Marketing

Customization is possible. Both traditional and modern ways can be used for out of home advertising. Advertisers can engage and interact with consumers through banners and digital ads which are 60% more eye-catchy than normal traditional banners.
Walk with International or National Companies

The metro branding service is used by not only local but also national and international level companies. Small and local based organizations get the chance to advertising with top companies, which alternatively help to make impression best for such companies.

Budget Friendly

Contact an outdoor advertising company in Kolkata for metro advertising packages. Choose a package according to your budget. Time period, routes, banner sizes and banner types are included in a premium metro branding package. You can customize your package too. Talk to your ad agency about the customization plan that offers the service according to your time period, routes and banners.