OOH Advertising for Schools in India

Date: 29/06/17

India has witnessed exemplary growth in the education sector. Every year almost in all cities from big to small of the country see opening of more than one school.  Entering into the venture is challenging. Here the main challenge is to manage a good volume of students. It can be possible with good education facilities and advertising. Therefore schools of India have started taking help from newspaper ads and poster advertising which seem not so sufficient to beat this highly competitive market. Looking at the need of highly impactful advertising, OOH companies have come forward with successful and innovative out of home advertising packages. OOH is an area based marketing which is result oriented and affordable too. It is why many schools have started approaching OOH advertising agencies in Ranchi,Patna, Bhubaneswar and of their cities.

Marketing Forms & Approach

There are different types of OOH marketing forms. Gone are the days when out of home marketing was concentrating in one or two forms.

Bus Advertising

Schools can take help of bus advertising which is an integral part of out of home marketing. They can target their city bus service to get quick recognition. This is a result oriented OOH marketing approach that can give you satisfactory results. A full bus body can be transformed into a movable banner. Back panel advertising can be chosen if the budget is not so high.

In-Shop Branding

Schools can approach for in-shop marketing which is unique and result oriented. In this marketing campaign, shopping malls and retail stores are targeted to garner attention to your advertising. It is successful because when people often take interest in their surroundings in their leisure or shopping with curiosity to learn more.

Innovative Billboards

There was the time when billboards are just a simple piece of cardboard to display advertising. Today’s billboards are more than it. This is time of innovative billboards that look classy, fascinating, eye catchy and memorable. A long board is used to creatively design banners. 3D billboards are in trend that looks so innovative. Schools can get the billboard service to define the types of facilities they are offering. Video banners can be used to promote your school successfully.

Contact a reliable OOH advertising agency of your area for the service.