Outdoor Advertising Strategies for Orissa

Date: 03/03/16

Orissa is located in the Eastern part of India. It is a home of more than 43 million people. Like other states, Orissa has also lots of scope for profits in business. Gradually, the economic condition of the state is improving. Irrigation system has seen great changes in Orissa. Local businessmen and international companies looking for brand promotion in Orissa can choose outdoor advertising. Apart from digital marketing, outdoor marketing is also successful in Orissa. People of the state pay attention on banners and hoardings. If you are all set to promote your brand in Orissa, here are some top OOH advertising strategies to follow.
Identify Your Audience
Out of home advertising is area based marketing. If you have chosen a state, choose the city in the state for OOH to make your marketing highly focused. Ask yourself about your targeted audiences. Do you want to target a city or a corner of the city or many cities? When you are ensure about your targeted audiences, it is possible to make your marketing more effective and successful. Contact an advertising agency according to your area for example, OOH advertising agencies in Bhubaneswar or Puri.
Adopting Different Techniques of OOH
There are different OOH advertising mediums to consider. It is not only billboards but also advertising through bus, cab, train and shops. In fact, there are many possibilities to feature your brand. Explore the top OOH advertising techniques. You can choose digital billboards that seem more eye catchy than traditional ones. Advertising through bus can be considered. A large network of buses is seen in Orissa. In Bhubaneswar, the network of buses is larger than any other cities of Orissa that connects the capital with all major areas of the state. You can target local buses and AC buses for marketing. Target the bus running on special routes like Puri to Bhubaneswar or  Bhubaneswar to Rourkela etc…. When you decide the special route, you will make your advertising area specific. Now, choose bus panel or full bus advertising. These two are popular variations in bus advertising. Choose your favourite one according to your budget. If your budget is tight, consider bus panel advertising which is much affordable than full bus advertising.
Hire a Reliable OOH Agency
It is important to hire an OOH agency that has work experience and has been worked for multiple clients. You can able to trust an experienced OOH agency. Search advertising agencies in Orissa or advertising agencies in Puri or Bhubaneswar on online to find out experts.