Outdoor Branding in Bihar, India

Date: 05/02/16

Bihar is an integral part of India. The state is progressing. It is not as progressive as Delhi, Haryana and Southern parts of India. The ruler area which has more than one third population of Bihar reside are still unaware of digital media. Also, many people in Bihar find digital media not as much as interesting like other states people. People of the state are active and believe in what they see. Therefore, outdoor advertising is more successful in Bihar.
All types of outdoor advertising can be considered here. Local advertising become more powerful with OOH advertising. Under this marketing, both lower budget and higher budget clients can contact. Its prime focus is to make your marketing more successful in the area you want. Bihar has many big cities like Patna, Danapur, Gaya etc.. Advertising locally can be possible with banners, vehicles and in-shop.

The bus advertising is one of the most specific advertising under OOH. Here, buses are categorized according to its class- luxurious, middle and AC buses. Therefore, the chance is to target your consumers. If your target is lower middle class, you can choose non-AC simple buses. If your target is middle and higher class people, ac and semi-luxurious buses can be thought to hire. The choice is depended on clients. According to their desire, they can ask for bus advertising. Buses running on special routes can be hired for area specific advertising. From Bihar, your advertising can spread to one state to another. There are many buses running in Bihar that connects the state with Jharkhand and West Bengal. So the possibility is to spread your brand awareness to not only one state but also many other states of India. This is a positive sign of OOH advertising.

In-shop branding is though a new concept but is popular in India. There are many shops and shopping hubs of major cities of Bihar where shop branding can create brand awareness in a short time. The marketing is area specific too. You can choose a city or a corner of a city for branding under in-shop promotion.

Advertising through banners has been practicing in Bihar for a long time. Choose your banner size and style. New technology banners can be attractive that have graphic or 3D images. They are more attention grabbing than normal banners. Hire reputed OOH advertising agencies in Bihar to make your branding successful in the state.