Publicize your campaign to a broader mass with an Advertising agency in Guwahati

Date: 27/01/18

Have you ever imagined how deep an impact the large hoardings you see on the highways make on you? Outdoor advertising claims to be one of the most widely used advertising forms worldwide. Although the key is to grab the attention of passersby and potential customers, companies often fail to make an impact owing to age-old advertising methods and advent of digital marketing.

Marketing presents a unique platform to reach out to the maximum number of customers within a short time period; outdoor advertising has its own set of perks. Out-of-home advertising in the broader sense takes into consideration all such forms of advertising and branding those potential customers can see outside. An advertising agency in Guwahati, for example, would aim to put simple messages that would attract viewer’s attention quite synonymously with a TV/radio message. Creativity is crucial because it will itself define how powerful and effective the advertising formula turns out to be. While social media marketing reaches out to hundreds of customers easily, outdoor advertising creates a deeper impact.

Different practices of outdoor advertising:

In sharp contrast to digital marketing, for example, outdoor advertising is not cheap yet it creates a deeper impact on viewers. Some effective outdoor advertising forms are:

  • Billboard advertising is considered to be immensely effective in advertising campaigns, new product launches or creating awareness. Since an average viewer would see this message for a small time duration, it should be short and compact.Thus very complicated messages cannot be put on billboards.
  • Street furniture involves advertising for your business venture on public/private bus roofs and sidelines. Advertising on public transport is economically viable and an operative means to capture the attention of the masses.
  • Advertising via ambient media and transit wraps are also common in Metropolitan cities. An advertising agency in Guwahatiwould act as a bridge between your venture and the masses through exciting advertising transit wraps on trains, taxis, etc.

Costs associated:

Cost of outdoor advertising is pretty high normally owing to printing and designing. However, there are different methods of calculating these costs. Daily effective circulation rates refer to the net visibility points which your advertisement gains in a single day. Factors responsible for the same include visibility, location, population density and network of city traffic. With competition setting in, these costs are highly fluctuating. The advertising ingenuity of advertising agencies like Hindustan Publicity bears fruit as is evident from their success stories.