The Contribution of Advertising Agencies towards the Growth of a Business

Date: 26/07/18

Advertising may be defined as an audio or visual form of marketing which is aimed at influencing the consumers of a product or a service. The primary purpose of an advertisement is to promote or sell a product or service. These advertisements are mostly sponsored and display messages which are non-personal.The advertising industry comprises of advertising agencies, media that carries out the advertisement, researchers, designers, creative heads, copy editors and visualizes. They work hard so that each advertisement looks attractive and captures the attention of the viewers.

How do advertising agencies work?


The companies which need to advertise their products or services hire an advertising agency to do so. They brief the agency about the products and services to be advertised, their targeted audience, the utility of the product and so on.

The advertising agencies in Bihar develop certain concepts based on the ideas and requirements of the company and create texts, layouts, visuals and themes. After getting the approval of the company, the advertisement can be displayed at any place.

The most suitable place for displaying the advertisement would be a crowded public place; therein comes the need for a hoarding.



Hoarding is a huge board, usually set in a public place, which is used to display advertisements. The Hoardings in Bihar are massive examples of the effective use of advertising for the expansion of any business.

Hoardings are also referred to as billboards. The primary benefit of hoarding is that it has the possibility of being seen by a massive number of people throughout the day. Hoardings can be strategically positioned at such places are visited by the prospective customers regularly. Thus, when positioned at the right place, hoarding can become an effective form of advertising.

The contribution of advertising agencies towards the growth of a business


The advertising agencies effectively function to help the client companies to expand their business. Their contribution towards the growth of their clinet’s company is as follows:

  • Attracting clients:

Advertising agencies ensure that the advertisements draw the attention of the prospective customers.

  • Research:

Advertising agencies research the current trends in the market and design the advertisements accordingly.

  • Result oriented advertising plan:

Advertising agencies develop result-oriented advertising plans for their client companies after the in-depth analysis of the product being launched by the company and the marketing strategies of their rival companies.

  • Proper media selection:

Advertising agencies help the client companies to select the suitable advertising platform for the promotion of the product or service to maximise the number of customers.

Thus, advertising agencies effectively contribute towards the growth of a business by promoting the brands efficiently.