Top 4 Commonly Made Mistakes In Outdoor Advertising in Orissa

Date: 08/01/18

Outdoor advertising, if done right, can add value to business promotion in an effective way. But usually, it has been noticed that even the intelligent and far-sighted entrepreneurs choose shortcut when it comes to promoting own business through outdoor advertising, and eventually lose more than they acquire.

There are some mistakes that are commonly made by people in outdoor advertising, and thus they do not get a high return on investment. Let’s talk today about these common mistakes in detail and what methodical professional approach you can take against them.

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#1. No Need To Create New Design For Outdoor, Make An Exact Copy Of The Print Ad

If you think as print ads carry a lot of information, it can be replicated on an outdoor hoarding, let me tell you, this is a wrong decision to take. There are some limitations and scopes these two kinds of media have. An ad printed in a magazine or a newspaper is something solicited by the readers who are ready to spend some time going through page after page. That is why a creatively attractive print ad can certainly  be informative and descriptive. But outdoor advertising tries to grab the attention of passersby. Thus outdoor ads can be creatively appealing, but not exactly like print ads, otherwise, the people who are in hurry will not spare more than a glance to your ad. An outdoor ad should be designed in such a way through which the passersby can get the summary with a good impression about your business.

#2.  Anybody Can Handle Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Outdoor advertisement design should be simple yet creative. But that does not mean anybody can create this. There are countless advertising agencies in orissa, Bihar and other major states of India, each claiming to be the best. But only a few reputed companies have proper knowledge, great experience and superb expertise in this field. Do not spend your hard-earned money on just anybody. Hire an expert to get flawless service with the professional touch and budget comfort.


#3.  Spend All Money On One Site

This is a very common mistake, happens due to lack of understanding about location, spots, and motive of the media. You need to understand that sometimes painting an entire street does not get the expected result, but one single ad at the right place and time brings massive sale and popularity for a business brand.

# 4. No Need To Bring Innovation On The Medium

Outdoor advertising is not just about creative copy and eye-catching design. If you want to amplify the message that you want give through the outdoor advertisement, you should utilize innovative mediums. Some usual mediums such as cut-outs, LED lights etc. are not that much costly but play a remarkable role in creating a powerful impact. Thus I would advise you to spend at least a few amount of your overall budget for innovation on the medium.

There is no doubt about the fact that outdoor advertising acts as a growth driver of any kind of business. If it does not get handled skillfully, you will not get proper profit.  Hire an expert, stay hassle-free and boost your business promotion.