What is the Future of OOH Advertising in India?

Date: 11/06/16

This question is buzzing in the internet. Many people are interested to know the answer of the question, especially businessmen. The OOH advertising has been in trend since time immemorial. Today, it is a revolutionary way to advertise one’s services. Not only India but also the rest of the world embrace the OOH advertising.
The future of OOH marketing in India is bright like other nations. There are several factors that point that out of home marketing is successful in India. Be it big cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore and small cities like Patna and Ranchi, the impact of OOH is seen everywhere.

OOH Advertising

OOH Advertising

Audiences are alert. A huge number of people in India are alert about their surroundings. They keep an eye on the changes going around. What is the upcoming product? What is the latest trend? What is going to be changed? These points are taken under consideration. Working people of India primarily pay interest in the advertising displays. People who are in outings also take interest in the advertisements of their surroundings. Alert audiences play an important role in the success of OOH in India.

The word curiosity is related to Indians. Most of the medium, high-medium and high class people in India show their curiosity to advertising displays. They want to know more about a service if it is related to them or beneficial for them. Curious minds help to make the outdoor promotion more successful.

OOH advertising is reachable in the areas of India where other sources of advertising find hard to reach. A good amount of people in India live in villages or outskirts where digital marketing is not so impactful. In these areas, advertising through hoardings and buses are more impactful. They create brand awareness.

Area specific advertising is predominantly provided by out of home advertising agencies. You can advertise in a city, a specific area of the city, more than one city and in a state. For example, hoardings in Patna refer to advertising in all across the city. Marketplace, highways and all major parts of the city are covered under this advertising. The type of area advertising you cannot get readily from digital marketing. It advertises your services to every corner of the city.

Advertising according to your budget is offered. This is one of the most positive factors that hint that the future of OOH marketing in India is positive and goes continuously. Compared to digital marketing, OOH is much flexible in budget promotion.