How Do We Provide AC Bus Advertising in Kolkata?

  • We have been associated with private and government AC bus service providers of the city for a long time. Offer choices in terms of buses and bus routes.
  • Branding at prime bus routes

Key Benefits

  • Volvo bus advertising creates brand awareness quickly
  • Ply from the heart of the city
  • Volvo Bus Branding creates Brand Value

Contact us to talk more on AC bus promotion service. Call us at 1800-1200-929.

AC Bus Branding Kolkata

Our AC Bus branding network spread over Kolkata and rest of West bengal , Jharkhand , Bihar, Odisha and Assam.


Transform AC Buses of Kolkata to Your very own Promotional Banners

Connect with Hindusthan Publicity for top quality AC bus branding in Kolkata. Be it a businessman, service provider or retailer, the transit media service is for all who wish to get local or state level promotion. Here Volvo and AC buses running on special routes are targeted for branding.

The prime Aim of the service is quick brand recognition through prestigious medium.

How Does It Work?

Volvo bus branding is a simple yet effective outdoor promotion. External window glass portion of the Volvo is covered with of your esteem brand. Seat back branding and panel branding can be done . The focus is to display banners in the way that can catch attention of people.

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